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Auto Profit Funnels Review - How To Build A Powerful Sales Funnel within minutes

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What Will I Learn?

  • Build a great looking squeeze page or opt-in page for yourself or your clients using the supplied template - The Auto Profit Funnels Review
  • Understand the purpose of a squeeze page
  • Appreciate how small changes to the design of the page can result in big differences to its effectiveness
  • Make money using micro jobs sites by offer your services to build squeeze pages for others


  • You should have a subscription to an autoresponder service such as Mail Chimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc.
  • You should have the confidence to make simple edits to HTML, CSS and Javascript files
  • You should have some web space on a live web server and a domain name that points to it
  • You should know the basics, such as how to upload files to a web server using FTP and folder structure


This Email Engage Review is suitable for anyone who needs to quickly crank out a squeeze page or opt-in landing page without starting from scratch or hiring an expensive web designer.

With it you'll get my squeeze page framework which I've called Primed.

Firstly I'll talk about the components that make up a squeeze page. I'll explain in detail how you entice visitor's to give you what you want before they leave the page and how you make this all work technically without having to install any software on your server.

Following on from that I'll explain the key benefits to building an email list and divulge some of the ethical tricks and design tweaks you can employ to help your squeeze pages turn visitors into subscribers to your email list. I'll go into detail about what a conversion rate is, how to calculate yours and what kind of rate you should aim for.

Next up we'll concentrate on the squeeze page template you get free with this course.

I'll explain every feature of this Bot Badassery Review in a step by step fashion - from changing colors to adding video to the page. You'll see just how easy this template is to customize without you needing to have detailed knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript. I'll even show you how to integrate the page with an autoresponder service such as GetResponse.

If you are a web designer (at any level) then you can take this framework and hack it to suit your needs. For beginners and non-web coders by the end of this course you can have a beautiful fully functional squeeze page that is ready to upload to your web server.

Who is the target audience?

  • Online marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Self publishers and book authors
  • Website developers
  • You shouldn't buy this course if you prefer to build your pages from scratch or to your own designs
What they did right:
  • This simple form only requests email. The fewer fields you include, the easier it is for your prospects to fill out.
  • Words and phrases like “step-by-step process,” “boost profits,” “master the essentials,” and “free” make this squeeze page very persuasive.
What could be improved:
  • This CTA button blends in with the rest of the squeeze page, making it easy to miss. A more contrasting color and a different shape would make it “pop” more.
  • This CTA should be tested against copy written in the first person. Instead of “Get Your Free Ebook” try “Get My Free Ebook.” It’s been proven to boost conversions.
  • The link that reads “No, thanks. I like having a low conversion rate” is unnecessary. There’s a red “X” up in the corner of the page, so if the prospect doesn’t want to convert, they’ll click that. No need to give them a second way to leave.

We came across another squeeze page of ConversionXL. This time on a blog article:

What they did right:
  • The copy provides a clear benefit: learn how to increase revenue, A/B test better, and become a data driven marketer.
  • The CTA button really pops on this squeeze page.
  • The logo let’s the prospect know this is a squeeze page from ConversionXL and not spam.
What could be improved:
  • The left alignment of this form is awkward. Are we missing something? No, seriously, is there an image missing?
  • “Subscribe” is a poor choice for CTA button copy. Why not be more creative and action-oriented like, “Sign Me Up?”
22. CoSchedule What they did right:
  • This super short form only requires the prospect input their email.
  • The images, including the one that reads “+10 MORE,” gives prospects an idea of what they’ll get after converting.
  • The logo at the top of this squeeze page lets prospects know that it’s CoSchedule’s offer and not some spammy pop-up.
  • The CTA button copy is compelling, containing words like “unlock,” “ultimate guide,” and “free.” It’s also written in first person.
What could be improved:
  • The “No thanks, I don’t like free things” link isn’t needed. It gives visitors an extra way off this landing page.
  • The CTA button doesn’t stand out as well as it could here. Its color is already used several times on the page.
23. Incomediary What they did right:
  • The headline stops you in your tracks, and sub-headline conveys a strong benefit.
  • The text above the form “Where should I send your video?” justifies the need for the prospect’s email address.
  • The text below the CTA ensures the safety of visitors’ personal information.
  • The CTA button color stands out on this light blue.
24. Mirasee What they did right:
  • The headline leverages social proof.
  • The CTA button color really grabs your attention.
  • “FREE” is emphasized in the copy above the form.
What could be improved:
  • The copy below the CTA button is contradictory. It claims that by submitting your name & email, you won’t be signing up for anything – but then it says you’ll receive emails having to do with this site. Isn’t that signing up for something?
25. Emma What they did right:
  • The form only requests a visitor’s email address making it easier and quicker to complete.
  • The opt-out link below the CTA reading “No, thanks” is much less obnoxious than what you’ll find on many squeeze pages. Statements that read “No thanks, I don’t like money” just make prospects roll their eyes.
  • The “No Thanks” link is necessary for this squeeze page because there is no other way to exit out without clicking that text link.
What could be improved:
  • A blue CTA button on a blue background makes it easy to miss.
  • The headline and copy on this page are all about “me, me, me.” “Want to see some of OUR all-time favorite emails?” “Get OUR guide. 12 of the smartest emails to hit OUR inbox”? Everything should be rewritten to focus more on the customer.
  • The word “Submit” should be changed to something less plain.
26. Search Engine Land What they did right:
  • The CTA button copy is written in first person.
  • The CTA button color pops on the white page.
What could be improved:
  • The headline conveys a clear benefit, but it could definitely be stronger. How do they make search easier for the prospect?
  • What does “We take your privacy seriously” mean? If you want to let prospects know you take their privacy seriously, tell them it will stay private.
  • What is a “SearchCap?” What will prospects get by signing up for it?
27. Capterra What they did right:
  • The headline has “Free” written right in it.
  • There’s only one way out of this pop-up, and that’s by clicking “I don’t want to improve my lead gen strategy.”
  • The green CTA button contrasts the white background well.
  • The copy emphasizes benefits. By downloading, the prospect gets lead gen tips and best practices.
  • The picture of the ebook shows visitors exactly what they’ll be downloading once they enter their email address.
What could be improved:
  • The headline, while containing the word “Free” could be more compelling and action-oriented. We know the two most powerful words in copywriting are “You” and “Free,” so why not say “Get your free B2B eBook?”
  • The CTA copy could be improved to read something like, “Send Me the eBook!”
28. Loopd What they did right:
  • Company badges of some highly reputable brands boost trust.
  • The turquoise CTA button pops against the white background.
  • The CTA is written in first person.
What could be improved:
  • There’s no visible exit off this squeeze page.
  • There’s not enough information on this popup to convince me to get a demo. What’s in it for me? Showing me how your product works sounds like it’s more about you.
  • The CTA copy text size is too small for the button.
29. Web Profits What they did right:
  • The headline and copy convey the benefits of subscribing. Though, it could be taken one step further. What will sending conversion and marketing strategies to your prospects’ inboxes do for them? Boost profits? Grow their customer base? What about this instead: “Boost Conversion Rates With Expert Marketing Strategies Sent Right To Your Inbox.”
  • This CTA button color makes it stand out against the gray background.
What could be improved:
  • The CTA “Subscribe Now” is too cookie-cutter.
  • The word “Signup” is the noun commonly confused with the phrase “Sign up.” Based on context, “Sign up” should be used here instead.
30. The Tyson Report What they did right:
  • The headline capitalizes on our universal desire for money (“close 30% bigger deals”) and quick fixes (“one pricing ‘trick’”)
  • The short form only requests an email address from visitors.
What could be improved:
  • Words like “Welcome” and “Sign up” make this squeeze page too generic. A CTA like “Send me the secret!” would be much stronger.
  • These colors clash with each other. A bright green CTA on a bright blue background hurts to look at.
Capture emails and grow your subscriber list with a squeeze page

Squeeze pages help marketers build the most valuable tool for nurturing leads and turning them into new customers:

An email list.

To create great squeeze pages, remember to clearly convey to your prospect the value of converting, and actually deliver on it once they’ve handed over their email address.

Use these 30 critiques and Instapage’s fully customizable landing page software to create dynamic squeeze pages that grow your subscriber list.

Have you used squeeze pages before? What are some of your favorite examples? Let us know in the comments!


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