Purpose of blogging can be different for a person to person.

Most of the time blogs are built to earn extra money or promote products and services.

Blooom Review is not about making some quick money from your blog.

You may find many bloggers who monetize their blog from very first day and their blog is filled with lots of AdSense and Banner ads or many blog just focus on affiliate marketing and try to sell you products.

Another reason of blogging is to promote products and services. You can easily find blogs of many product or service providers. They blog to attract search traffic, and try readers to sell their product or services which is not a bad concept. You will not find any AdSense or other products ads on these blogs.

On the other hand, you may find some blog who are not in a rush of earning from their blog. You will not find any AdSense or banner ads they don’t try to sell the affiliate products rather they focus on building trust and authority. (It doesn’t indicate that you can’t build authority by showing advertisement.)

But blogging to build authority is not a short term job and benefits of building an authority site can be different from person to person.

What is Authority Blog?

Different people have a different opinion about authority blog. In my opinion Authority blog or blogging is showing superiority in a particular niche. Authority Bloggers represent themselves as Guru in their niche and try to build trust on visitors. When they suggest something, their visitors believe them and follow their suggestions.

Most of the time Authority blogs writes on the same niche because they want to show their expertise in a particular niche.

What are the benefits of building Authority?

Building Authority is not one day task it takes time, and most of the time it can take one, two or much more years to build authority.
Running a Blog or Website without earning for such long time can be looked as a bad option but this is not the truth. Please note: It’s not important not to place ads on your blog to build authority but when you don’t show any ads people feel you are here to share your expertise, not for earning.

Yes, building authority takes time, but when you have a large audience who believe you and are ready to accept your suggestion then you can make much more money in the long run.

I want to give you an Marketer's Vault Review example I follow many blogs and admire many bloggers because of their expertise.

I found some of the bloggers offer their courses or product (Not from their blog), which is not surprising, but the surprising part was that they offer their courses or product at premium price.

One of the blog offering courses priced at $3000 at the same time you can find similar courses from well known people for less than $500. So why they are selling courses for $3000?

This is because of authority you can charge a premium on your product or services because people trust you and are ready to buy your product or services on higher price.

Not earning for a few time and focusing on building authority can help you make more money than traditional methods of making money with your blog.

The premium prices cover all their affords they have done in the past without making any money. After building authority charging much more and getting, lot of sales can worth what you have done in the past.

When you have built your authority and whenever you recommend a product it can be yours or affiliate product, your followers will buy those products.

How to Build Authority?

As I said building Authority is not a quick job, its need dedication and good knowledge on a particular niche.

To build authority blog you need to know your exact niche and good knowledge of that topic.

You must follow current trends on that niche so you can update yourself for that topic.

Focus on quality not quantity, people will only trust you when you write quality content, which can give some good value to your audience.

Don’t be shy for showing yourself because when you build authority you are representing yourself. Show your image on your blog, add your videos, show your image on social profiles etc. By this way, people will start knowing you and will remember you.

Build relationship with bloggers in your niche. Write for those blogs, by this you can reach their audience this helps to build authority quickly in your niche.

Building relationships helps recognition in front of popular people in your niche and they may recommend you as Guru in your niche. This helps to build more audience who accept you as master in your niche.

Build a mailing list by offering some good stuff like eBooks, free training etc. Don’t try to sell your products or services from very first day rather just send them mails with useful information for some time. When they start believing, you can tell them about your product or services.

There are no set rules of building authority; yes the only rule is to provide useful and unique information to your audience. Building authority is like marketing your product where you represent that your product is the best one. But building authority online can be little tricky when lots of experts are there bringing yourself in front can be difficult.

Blog to build Authority is much better option than building regular blog because this gives long term benefits.

Keep in mind that the objective of writing valuable comments on other blogs is to creatively weave your relevant article into the body or to use your name as the anchor text. I prefer the latter.

Here’s an example: Ajay contributed a short, but useful comment to one of my recent blog posts here. He linked to a post and I didn’t see it as spammy at all. In fact, I promised to read it and actually did. Ajay got a link from me, because his comment was valuable and on point.

However, if your want your comments to be truly valuable and appeal to the blog owner, as well as his or her readers, try to write a comment with at least 200 words.

A great blogger whose posts consistently generate some valuable comments is Marie Forleo (Marieforleo.com). Take a look:

To learn what makes a comment valuable, check out recent comments at SocialTriggers.com. One example is below – see how creative Owen is and how he added a link to a resource page on another blog, thus sending link love to it:

Note: When you follow this strategy and write valuable comments on other blogs, you’ll find that your comments will be approved, even when you add links. However, make sure that you’re commenting on blogs that are both relevant and active.

One word of caution: don’t expect your rankings to improve overnight. Link building takes time and you have to be patient while you concentrate on building your audience.

Most comment sections use nofollow tags, which means that they don’t pass link juice or affect your search rankings. Still, it’s always good to get those authority links and start gaining traction and, of course, traffic.


Throughout this article, I’ve walked you through eleven effective strategies for gaining authority backlinks. But, what about content?

Blogs work best when they’re consistently updated. Your visitors want fresh content. This means that, above all else, you should absolutely plan your content and publish it regularly.

Every step that you take as a new blogger should be geared towards enhancing your personal brand, so that the ideal people will read your content and share it.

As long as you’re generating leads with your content, it means that your users find it useful and actionable. Eventually, other blogs will start linking to your content of their own accord.



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