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ChromEngage Review: automated leads and free traffic software

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At our recent ChromEngage Review, Mat Clayton from Mixcloud provided a tip I must say i liked. He remarked that because his company competes with Spotify and other people who have installable desktop applications, they have to do extra legwork to remain front-of-mind using their users. A great way they considered to do that was by making a Chrome iphone app (you can have the Mixcloud iphone app here):

By positioning their brand directly on the new tabs screen of Stainless, they get a small amount of mind-share whenever a user starts a new tabs. They advertise their software throughout the website using remnant advertisement inventory if you go to the site using Stainless- - and Mat informed us it's acquired a huge take-up.

Great. I thought. Smart. Noises hard.

Not so.

Mat made an off-hand comment that the complete software was "11 lines of code or something."

"I can do this" I thought

...and get back, Mat acquired the reward for getting the first Searchlove suggestion I executed when I acquired back to any office. I built a DistilledU iphone app to place my brand there next to Mixcloud:

[Side be aware: you may look at that logo design and think it appears a little dissimilar to the main one you've seen on our website and you would be right. Call this a sneak preview of some brand revitalization work we could doing - I'd wish to hear your reviews!]

What's the idea? Isn't this simply a bookmark?

Essentially, yes. But from the bookmark that is included with great branding benefits for early on movers. A lot of people don't have that lots of Chrome programs installed, if you have a great product that folks use frequently, users on Stainless seem to be to be attentive to recommendations that they must install an iphone app for "immediate usage of <brandname>."

You can view this doing his thing in the reviews of Mixcloud's software - notice how all of them are reviews of the Mixcloud service somewhat than of the Stainless- "bookmark".

I'll talk a lttle bit more below about the methods for you to take this further, but also for now, let's learn...

Ways to do the same for your brand

I love to learn new things, therefore i didn't insect Mat for his code. Now, I wish to demonstrate how you might have a similar thing for your brand in virtually another 10 minutes no matter your coding skills. You will need $5 on a debit card, a Google profile, your logo, caffeine, and a stopwatch? Ready? Go!

I'll demo the procedure using SEOmoz for example.  

Here's how Rand could send an SEOmoz PRO stainless app:

Step 1:

Pick up my basic format code from github.

Step 2:

Unzip it.

Step 3:

Drop the SEOmoz brand in to the unzipped folder (you can removed "distilled-small.png") please remember what you called it:

(You will want square company logo of size 128x128).

Step 4:

Open the data file "express.json" in notepad and carefully change just the parts marked in perspective mounting brackets such as <Your software name runs here> therefore the data file changes from:


[Pro-tip: you can include Google Analytics monitoring parameters on the finish of the Link if you wish to trail how much people use your iphone app to find your site - I used ?utm_medium=stainless-&utm_source=app]

Step 5:

Give it an instant test by:

- Starting your extensions panel

- Enabling developer setting with the checkbox near the top of the web page:

- Launching an "unpacked expansion"

- Choosing the folder where you unzipped the code above

If all has truly gone to plan, you should see something similar to this:

So when you open a fresh tab, your brand-new iphone app should be there:

Step 6:

Zip the folder:

Step 7:

Publish it!

- Head to the Chrome Creator Dashboard (sign in with your Google Profile)

- Publish your zip file

- Fill out the info

- [Optional: if you wish to create your software outside your Yahoo applications domain, you will need to pay $5]

- Strike publish:

I can't publish the official SEOmoz one because my Yahoo bill isn't authenticated up against the SEOmoz site (I'll save Rand the ten minutes of work and send him the zip data file) but here's the DistilledU one if you wish to give it a try for yourself.

Was that too easy?

If you wish to level up somewhat further, you strat to get into real iphone app operation, extensions, etc. Yahoo has obviously spent a whole lot of work in the documents, so you will want to get started on here:

- Chrome builder resources

- Web store guide

- Guide to packed applications (the software we built above is a "hosted web app" this means it's fundamentally the same as a normal web iphone app that can access some additional Stainless- APIs for things such as local storage area, notifications etc. Packed software use the Chromium environment to create full-on software like those you get on the Chromebook)

- Guide to extensions

I thought I'd end with just a little report about where I gone next after I'd delivered the easy DistilledU software above. Alert: I'm not really a builder yet I'm going to demonstrate some code snippets. Don't trust my code - take all this as a starting place for doing all your own research into what works for your business.

We could building notifications into our site

WHEN I built the iphone app above, I acquired thinking about how precisely I'd want to expose those notifications in the web browser. Great deal of thought a lttle bit more, I thought I possibly could go beyond that and build an expansion through which we're able to curate industry media alerts (a combo of things we've written and products we rate from around all of those other web). THEREFORE I built one (you can obtain it from the Chromium store here):

...and get curated cool products from Distilled:

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