i got eventually to find out about CryptoMatic360 Review in august this past year and my first use of bitcoin is at ponzi schemes which ate a lot of my money. in the beginning i thought bitcoin was the currency for many kind of ponzi schemes. I participated in virtually all ponzi schemes i saw online because. i didn't just want one income source. i had employment which wasn't paying me well, therefore i needed more income. Ponzi schemes were in the beginning paying well until late 2016 when they started crashing and i lost a lot of money.

But as i kept reading and making research on legitimate ways to earn a living with cryptocurrency, i got eventually to find out about lending with poloniex.com, surely got to find out about buying some coins when they are low and selling them when they are high etc.

it wasn't really profiting then because my trading skills were beyond amateur. Due to my poor experience i made a decision to just buy coins that could grow like bitcoin in the foreseeable future. therefore i went online and searched "Top 10 CRYPTOCURRENCY TO PURCHASE 2017". My research led me to numerous coins


Many of these coins i purchased have become by over 1000% between then and today and today i am wishing id bought more.

- just on the 20th of january 2017 , 1 ethereum was just $10.52, this is merely significantly less than year, ethereum is continuing to grow from $10.52 to $700 which has ended 10,330% upsurge in twelve months, isn't that incredible?

old price:

image source

new price:

image source

- bitcoin has seen a rise rate of over

image source: Mobile Traffic Academy Review

As you can plainly see, the growth rate for holding cryptocurrency is huge over time. our company is about entering another year for cryptocurrency adoption and much more all time highs may happen for manycoins.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption reaches its infant stage in adoption and the entire world is going to go through the power of decentralized systems next year. My top 6 ways to get ready for 2018 with cryptocurrency are;


Neo is a cryptocurrency that is named "china's ethereum" . if you get and hold NEO, you'll be getting free gas coin each day. i have discussed NEO many times ,click here to learn the way to get free gas coin for holdingNEO.

2. Trade with xchangerate.io:

this is an internet iphone app that uses your API KEY from bittrex and butfinex to trade. it can help minimize loses by telling how well a coin will grow and lets you know when to trade coin. additional information here and here.

3. Book your Hard disk drive

yesterday i wrote about how precisely you can book your hard drive and receives a commission in cryptocurrency. this renting is absolutely not yet a profitable right now in 2017, but i am certain soon it'll be. you'll receive paid however, not that big, because people still have no idea about it. just click here to learn about you can rent your hard drive.

4. Scout for cheap cryptocurrency with great future

there a wide range of cryptocurrency that are incredibly inexpensive to buy given that will be big in a few months time. many of these coins are below $1. Buying them now could keep you able to earn massively when these coins hit $1.

some Cryptocurrencies which were inexpensive to buy earlier this season that you missed from


XRP $0.2 $1.1 $450 gain

ADA $0.02 $0.4 $1900 gain

BTS $0.003 $0.5 $15,566 gain

NXT $0.006 $1.59 $26,400 gain

ARK $0.007 $8.21 $117,185 gain

as you can plainly see from the table above , just a tiny investment of $100 into cryptocurrency early this season may have given you crazy gain in only twelve months. $100 happens to be about about 10 SBD . dont eat your earnings from steemit now, invest a couple of SBD into cryptocurrency and HODL.

5. Initial coin offering (ico):

Initial coin offering is a means of raising money for a cryptocurrency project. cryptocurrencies are really cheap during ico and couple of months after ico, those coins will grow by over 1000%. ,a lot of the popular coins we've today were once an ico.

6. Get Dependent on steemit

for those who have not found out about steeemit before, steemit is a platform built on STEEM blockchain, where bloggers get rewarded because of their valuable contents.

steemit is not really a "get rich quickly scheme" or a brief cut to success, you have to input time and passion, however the beautiful part of steemit is the fact that it needs no primarily investment, a lot more creative and original you are on steemit, the greater you'd l likely earn.

Thanks for reading

Merry Christmas

I simply picked one or two random stories from the web in the links above.

But I assure you, these kinds of stories are true and are happening increasingly more for many who are prepared to play the best game on the planet right now (and the best redistribution of wealth on earth as of this very moment): Crypto Investing.

And around August 18th, I too joined the ranks of the crypto wealthy, or crypto millionaires. Granted I'm not just a 'whale' as the word goes at this time, with no more than 1 million dollars At this time in crypto coins -- there are guys out there with vast sums using crypto, even billions.

Now, my portfolio is small still and I only touched 1 million USD dollars in crypto wealth (there are some individuals with vast sums), but I'm on the first rung on the ladder to a larger journey.



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