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Funnel Messenger Review: A Social Strategy That’s Profitable

· Social Marketing

I recently had an experience that changed just how I believe of digital marketing.

It happened on Facebook.

More specifically, it happened on Facebook Messenger.

I'm talking about Facebook Messenger bots, also called "messenger bots," "chat bots" or "Facebook bots."

My colleagues shared with me Funnel Messenger Review that they conducted using Facebook Messenger.

The metrics convinced me: 88% open rate and 56% click on through rate!

Sure, I've possessed some great email marketing campaigns, but it's hard to top that result.

The experienced turned out to me that Facebook Messenger bots are one of the most powerful new methods in digital marketing.

What do Facebook Messenger bots do? Think of it this way. It's like email marketing, but using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger bots are a relative newcomer to the marketing arena. That's why it's a thrilling time to dive in and learn about them.

Being an early adopter of Facebook Messenger bots will provide you with a huge edge as a marketer.

You may have heard of a concept called first-mover's gain or FMA.

The idea is this: If you are the first one by using a specific technique or employing a particular tactic, you win.

The first adopters of SEO were able to dominate the SERPs and gain large organic and natural search traffic. The early adopters of Facebook groups built massive followings. The first adopters of Tweets created huge brands and cultivated gigantic influence.

The sooner you learn and use a new marketing tactic, the much more likely you are to reap the benefits of it.

It is the perfect time and energy to use Facebook Messenger bots.

Right now, we're in the stage of Facebook Messenger marketing where customers aren't yet experiencing things like "banner blindness" (web advertisements) or "email exhaustion" (email marketing).

After you send a possibility a Facebook communication, they're far more more likely to view and click through than they might with a contact marketing message.

It's hard to dismiss! Plus, it's new and exciting.

People are responding to Facebook Messenger messages in record-high numbers. I know for an undeniable fact that you can get 88% open rates on your Facebook Messenger bot campaigns.

I've seen Pixalogo V2 Review, and I'm a believer.

What I don't know is how much time the good times are going to last.

Here's what you need to know about Facebook Messenger bots and the way to get started out raking in those leads for yourself.

What Facebook Messenger can do

First, let's be completely clear in regards to what Facebook Messenger bots are.

As I mentioned previously, using Facebook Messenger bots is a lot like email marketing. But rather than using email you're using Facebook emails.

If you've ever before read my content, read my discussions, or seen my videos, you know that I'm a die-hard email marketing consultancy.

That hasn't improved.

What has changed is my view of Facebook Messenger.

I now recognize that Facebook Messenger has an enormous reach, higher levels of interactivity, plus more AI features than email.

So what does indeed this all indicate?

It means which i take it seriously when Facebook Messenger rises as an CPA Domination Blueprint Review.

Here's what you are able to do with Facebook Messenger bots.

- You can deliver messaging sequences to the people in Messenger.

- You can create a sales funnel that brings in sales right within Messenger.

- You can send downloads (like resources and content improvements) via Messenger.

- You can have automated interactions with real users on Messenger using AI.

There's a ton more you can do.

It's simple and amazing.

I don't know about you, but I take advantage of Facebook Messenger all the time. I make use of it more than texting, more than WhatsApp, and much more than email!

(At that time that I had written this article, I directed 28 Messenger chats on my iPhone!)

Messaging, texting, and IM applications have grown to be second nature for a lot of people.

It's not that email is certainly going away. It's just that messaging is the primary way that a lot of folks communicate.

It's obvious that Facebook Messenger can be considered a ridiculously effective marketing channel.

Hold out, what's this in regards to a bot?

Before exhibiting you the details on making a Messenger bot, I believe it would be helpful to discuss bots in general.

When most people notice the word "bot," they have a tendency to think that it is something bad.

True, there are bad bots. Some bots are so bad that they've given all bots a poor name.

What makes some bots so bad? Here's the soiled truth from Sitelock:

Bad bots represent over 35 percent of all bot traffic. Hackers do bad bots to execute simple and repeated jobs. These bots scan millions of websites and aim to grab website content, consume bandwidth, and look for obsolete software and plugins that they can use as a way into your website and repository.

But there are good bots, too, like these nice person types:

- Copyright bots

- Data bots

- Spider bots

- Trader bots

- Service bots

- Sales bots

The complete SEO industry depends upon a bot.

Bots is short for "robot." And since you're aware, robots can do some really awesome things.

The bots we're talking about aren't professional robots or even service bots.

They're sales bots. More specifically, these are Facebook Messenger bots.

Up until now, such bots have been used mainly in customer support tasks. (Below, I'll demonstrate some platforms for creating a customer service bot.)

If you've ever chatted on Skype or Messenger with a "customer support rep," you might have been communicating with a bot.

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