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Fusion Review: Making Zero To $160.43 In Just 24 Hours Method For Newbies

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Hey buddy!

Here is my favorite method of making money online, which I think is pretty easy once you got into it :) It doesn’t require any upfront investment.

This Fusion Review method includes Youtube & Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing means that you get an individual link for a certain product and can promote this link. If someone clicks and buys the product, you make a commission.

I am promoting products from WarriorPlus.

. It’s an affiliate network mostly for internet marketing products. You have got to apply to become an affiliate but generaly, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Just be honest and tell them something like:

Hi, my name is XY.

I am farely new to internet marketing, but am learning at a quick pace.

I would like to request permission to promote your awesome product!

I have read about a method I would like to try out. It involves making a review for your product on youtube.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Your Name

It might take up to 24 hours to get approved, some do it straigt away. Once you are approved, you can grab your affiliate link (You will be able to see it). Now you can go out and promote this link to various sites: Social media is always good: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

But we are focusing on making a review for this product!You could either buy the product yourself and go through it and give an honest review about it, that works absolutely best and is what I recommend doing in the long run. You can use Screencast-O-Matic to capture your Screen.

If you don’t like to spend any money on it and don’t want to go through the product, you can do it the lazy way and take a couple screenshots from the products picture, features, headlines etc. Take these pictures and then make a little slideshow out of it on youtube, with the built in slideshow maker.

Put some music in the background and try to make the video appealing. Then you are going to name it “Product Name Review” and put your affiliate link into the youtube description. And there you have your first money engine.

The video will get ranked up high for the product name (if you are being quick with the new products) and people will start clicking on it and potentially buy from your link. Cha-Ching, commission for you.

Set up as many as you can of those and let the engines generate cash for you :)

I hope I was able to help, if you have any question feel free to ask!

If you would like to have some more ideas on how to make money online, you can grab my free report “9 Scalable Methods For Making Up To $97 Per Day” below.

7 Proven Tactics To Make $100 Per Day Online Without Google

​Why $100 per day? Let me tell you.

If you can make $100 every day, you don't need a job almost anywhere in the world.

Making $100/day is also validation.

It means you have enough marketing chops to make it on your own. The answer to the Vimakerz Review "can I make a living on the internet?"

Most importantly, once you know how to make $100/day, you can scale up your business to make $500, $1,000 and even $10,000 per day (hey we can all dream).

But I will suggest you one of the best online money earn website. Where you can earn good amount of money daily. And it’s very easy to earn.

Reaching the $100/day mark, however, is not easy because it takes more than a few lucky sales or Adsense clicks to hit that number consistently: it takes a proven method.

By the way our juicing ebook is around that mark right now :).

The good news is, there are more methods ​today than there ever was. Back in the day niche sites and SEO were pretty much the only consistent way to achieve it.

Nowadays, SEO is a matured market and is very competitive making it a poor choice for newbies. However all the 3rd platforms out there are much easier to gain visibility on and can spark a business than can THEN compete on Google.​

For newbie marketers, it can be really confusing choosing a single method and sticking with it (especially sticking with it, people keep switching idea when they are starting usually).

This is why in this post, we've combed through the most popular methods for making money online without SEO and picked out 7 of the best that don't need any initial investment.

Additionally, with all of these methods, you have the opportunity to then build an authority site that could​ make your business a lot more passive in the future.

What are these 7 methods? Read on to find out!​

What You Will Learn In This Post

  • What are the best methods to make money without spending any cash
  • What are the pros and cons of the best money making methods
  • How you can scale each method to make 6 and even 7 figures
  • The tools you need to make the most of each method
  • The exact steps you need to follow to get started

Become a Youtuber

Youtube is largely underestimated by most online marketers because video scares them. But that's an incredible opportunity given the fact that Youtube is the #2 search engine and #3 website in the world.

It's also incredibly easy to generate traffic with the related videos, search etc and unlike sites like Instagram, the guys at Youtube give you plenty of ways to send traffic OFF of Youtube to affiliate offers, sales pages etc.​

This is actually something we are looking into with Authority Hacker as our tutorials (around 30 short videos so far) are seeing some serious growth on Youtube and they're perfect leads for our premium member area.​

Our Youtube growth in the past few months without doing much for it.

We have now started including call to actions on our videos and see trickles of highly engaged traffic and affiliate link clicks happen on complete autopilot just for having a video up there (no marketing needed).

How Can you do it too? Let's find out.​


  • Getting video views easier than getting site traffic since you have access to YouTube's massive built-in audience.
  • Well-optimized YouTube videos regularly show up at the top of Google search results.
  • With cards and annotations, it is easy to direct traffic to landing/sales pages.


  • You need to be not afraid to talk and appear on camera.
  • It takes time and lots of videos to build up a large subscriber base.
  • Your subscribers will expect regular content updates from you. You will have to commit to a set posting schedule.

Why it works

Despite its size, competition on YouTube is still WAY low when compared to blogs and websites.

There are a almost a billion websites in 2014 while only 500 million Youtube channels with only 1/10 being monetised.

For newbies, there is no steep technical learning curve. You don't have to setup a website, buy a domain name, or master complicated marketing concepts.

A decent webcam and a cheap mic is often enough to get started.

Actually, most phones can do decent enough video for you to start as well.

More importantly, YouTube gives you access to tons of existing traffic through search, social and its own platform.

You also have higher reach on social: video is the most shared content on Facebook. It also dominates Google SERPs, with YouTube alone accounting for 82% of all videos.

All this makes YouTube a wonderful platform for newbies without an audience.​

Monetisation methods


Ads will be a big source of earnings especially for viral videos. On average, you can make up to $2 per 1,000 views.


You can direct traffic from keyword-focused info videos to affiliate products and earn commissions.


You can sell your own products by directing traffic to landing pages and building an email list.

What it takes to make $100/day on Youtube

There are two ways to get to $100/day: advertising, and selling your own or affiliate products.


  • ​YouTube pays its content partners more or less $2/1,000 views.
  • You will need 50,000 views/day to get to $100/day.
  • Useful only if you can consistently make fun, viral videos.
  • You can also take sponsors in if you are in a specific niche. Those pay up to $10/1000 views making the view threshold much lower (9000 - 10,000 per day realistically).

Affiliate/Owned Products

  • ​YouTube videos can get a CTR of up to 4% - depending on where the link is placed. For most people, however, a CTR of 1-1.5% is common.
  • At 1% CTR, you will need 15,000 views/day to get 150 visitors to a landing page. (50 videos @ 300 views daily is quite realistic)
  • With 150 targeted visitors/day, you can easily capture 75 emails/day with a conversion rate of 50% (our average for cold traffic to a squeeze page).
  • With a $35/sale earning and a 4% conversion rate, you can easily make 3 sales per day, netting over $100/day.

Remember that you can always tap your list multiple times. This list will also grow with each passing month, making it the preferred method for making money from YouTube in 2015.

How the business can scale

Building a 6, 7 or even 8 figure business is a matter of increasing your view & subscriber count, building a list, and collaborating with other YouTubers.

  • Get more views: Increasing subscribers and views will help you get more ad revenue. PewDiePie made $7M in 2014 from ads shown to his 38M subscribers. The best way to do that is simply to produce more videos.
  • Get Acquired: Working with other creators to build a 'network' can help you scale revenues and know the right people to then be acquired. Maker Studios, a network of YouTube content creators, was acquired by Disney for $950M.
  • Sell products: Creating and selling products relevant to your audience is one of the fastest ways to scale. Michelle Phan turned her makeup tutorial videos into an e-Commerce company with $84M in revenues in 2014.

As you can see, it is possible to make thousands of dollars being a Youtuber. Either by creating high view count videos and advertising / getting sponsored or by creating niche videos and selling related products.

Recommended Tools

  • Connecting and collaborating has never been easier.: Find other YouTubers to collaborate with.
  • VidIQ: Great Youtube analytics extension to optimise your videos
  • Famebit: Find sponsors for your channel and earn money on top of advertising.
  • Patreon: Get your subscribers to sponsor your channel with a monthly pledge.

First Steps To Get Started

  1. Sign up for Google and setup your own channel.
  2. Invest in a HD capable camera and microphone (or use your phone if it's good enough).
  3. Record your video, edit it, then upload on YouTube.
  4. Promote on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and related forums. Make sure to optimize the title for search. It surprisingly doesn't take much more than that to get views.

More On This Tactic

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  • How To Make Money On YouTube – James Wedmore Interview

We have a much bigger guide on Youtube SEO Planned up if you're interested in this career.

Launch a Niche Product

I have said it multiple times in previous podcasts, if you want to make money quick, product comes first (I actually think we'll create products before we launch sites next).

The idea is simple: Create the way monetise the audience and piggy back ride other people's audiences by giving them an opportunity to get a piece of the pie.

​Don't worry about the blogging, the content, the social media, leave it to the people who have been in the niche for years.

Instead, market to the influencers in the industry by offering something their audience wants (training, software, service) and give them the opportunity to earn good money for promoting you with an affiliate program.

If you manage to convince even 1-3 influencers, you will be able to earn money quickly and grow an audience off the customers they send your way.​


  • Don't need a lot of traffic to get to $100/day. You can also do recurring billing for consistent revenues
  • Recruiting affiliates enables you to generate traffic without the need for an audience initially.
  • New tools make it easy to receive payments and deliver products.


  • Products can be hard to create, especially if you can't code or design.
  • Recruiting affiliates can be challenging for unknown marketers
  • Need to master multiple disciplines (marketing, sales, conversion optimization, copywriting, etc.) to hit it big

Why it's great

  • You just need to convince a few people that what you have is great to get massive exposure.
  • You now have a list of people who spend money in a given niche. It's easy to push more offers to them.
  • You can build a blog on top of your sales page and grow an authority site from that product site.
  • You can play with scalable tactics like PPC from day 1 because you have a monetisation path.

Monetisation methods


Your own product sales will be your bread and butter, making for the largest chunk of revenues.


You can either recruit affiliates to sell your products, or include affiliate offers inside products or as a follow up to maximise revenue.

What it takes to make $100/day through niche products

Taking a product from 0 to $100/day in sales is relatively easy (actually easier than Youtube), Plus you get to control the customer experience and add upsells any time to maximise income.

​Depending on how you price the product, your conversion rate and the quality of the traffic, you can get to $100/day as follows:


You get the idea. When you have a quality product, a proven source of traffic, and a strong sales page, it is dead simple to get to $100/day with niche products.

The best part? You can capture emails and send them additional offers. You can include affiliate links inside products and make extra cash.

How the business can scale

Of all the methods on this list, creating niche products is the easiest way to scale to 6-7 figures.

Here are some ways to grow into a multi-million dollar info business:​

  • Launch multiple products in the same niche, like Shane Melaugh who made millions selling WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Slowly grow a single product in size and complexity, then raise venture funding - the path taken by Rand Fishkin of Moz.
  • Turn a single info product into a complete membership program - the method followed by Brian Clark of Copyblogger.

Recommended Tools

  • Screencast-o-matic: Free screen capture recording tool - perfect for video products.
  • Clickbank: Sell your products and recruit affiliates.
  • Membermouse: Build quality member areas for your customers
  • Thrive Themes: Build your sales pages and member content with their affordable drag & drop builder.

First Steps To Get Started

  1. Research the market. I could tell you a bunch of fluff on finding what the market needs. Don't bother, find books in that market on Amazon, read the 1 and 2 star reviews to find what the most critical people want and build that. The 5 star people will love it too.
  2. Outreach to bloggers and people with an audience in this market pitching them the idea, a hypothetical price and a commission structure. If they say they'd like to promote it you have a winner, if not, ask them why and adapt your pitch until they want to promote it.
  3. Create your product. Either build it yourself by acquiring the right skills, or hire freelancers to do it for you but always edit the final copy yourself, you can't outsource caring.
  4. Setup the sales page, conversion funnels, landing pages, email autoresponders, etc. using the tools listed above.
  5. Outreach back to the bloggers and get them to send some traffic your way.

More On This Tactic

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Create a Visual Niche Curation Site

Buzzfeed, ViralNova, Distractify, Diply...countless websites have made millions in the last few years by curating content from other sources and presenting them in a visual format. Creating listicles, quizzes and slideshows is not only easy, but can also get you millions of visitors for cheap.

As Jon Dykstra, one of the bloggers on our top 23 bloggers online list shows, creating a visual niche curation site is one of the fastest ways to get to $100/day online.​


  • Getting traffic is easy since visual content gets more shares on social media
  • Content creation is straightforward since you only have to curate instead of creating fresh content.
  • Access to massive existing audience on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest through paid and organic channels.


  • Facebook's organic reach is steadily declining, which means you have to pay to get traffic
  • Lots of existing competition, though the quality varies considerably
  • Difficult to support affiliate models; need lots of traffic to make advertising profitable

Why it works

This is one of the most newbie friendly methods on this list to get started with your own site - at least when it comes to creating content.

You don't have to stand before a camera, build niche products, or master lead generation.

All you need to do is put together a WordPress site, curate content from sites like Reddit, and throw up some Facebook ads to get started.

Plus, there are other reasons to choose this method as well:

  • Easier to scale: Once you've mastered the basics, you can expand the site's focus, buy more ads and scale to millions of visitors - like Buzzfeed, ViralNova, etc.
  • Easier to run: You won't have to spend hours writing content from scratch - you just have to wrap existing content in your own voice.
  • Easier to market: Social media loves visual, viral content. You can easily expand your focus by buying ads on Facebook and even doing some retargeting for ultra cheap traffic (as low as $0.01/click)

Monetisation methods


Advertising will be your primary source of income, either from AdSense or display ads


You can easily link out to affiliate offers for product focused content


Once you have a large enough audience, you can sell your own niche products (don't expect high conversions though)

What it takes to make $100/day through visual niche websites

Since your primary source of income through visual niche curation websites will be advertising, figuring out how much traffic you'll need to hit $100/day is relatively easy.

At an average $4 CPM, you will need 25,000 page views daily to hit $100/day. This might sound like a lot, but even a couple of viral posts can earn you hundreds of thousands pageviews once they hit.

With better ads and ad placements, you can easily increase earnings to $6 - 10 CPM. At this rate, you will need around 13,000 daily pageviews.

With services such as Ezoic or Sortable (which Jon from FatStacksBlog used to grow revenues by 40%), you can push the CPM even higher. For most niches, anywhere between 400,000 to 600,000 pageviews will help you hit $100/day.​

How the business can scale

There are two ways you can scale this model:

  1. Increase advertising spend: By spending more money on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Outbrain/Taboola and retargeting, you can exponentially increase your audience size.
  2. Expand focus: By increasing your site focus beyond a single niche, you can reach a larger audience.

​As ViralNova, Buzzfeed, Distractify, Diply, etc. prove, this model is incredibly scalable. ViralNova managed a sale a $100M, while Buzzfeed has raised $96M at a $850M valuation.

So forget six figures - with enough ad spend and writers, you can even hit eight or even ninefigures with this model (if you're lucky).

Scaleable? Definitely yes!

Recommended Tools

  • Canva: For creating blog headers and social media graphics
  • Ezoic: Test layouts and increase ad revenues
  • AdEspresso: Test Facebook ads and increase shares

First Steps To Get Started

  1. Buy a domain name. Choose something that is brandable and doesn't have your niche term in it. This will help you expand to other niches later.
  2. Setup a WordPress site on the domain name. Make sure to pick a host that can handle your target traffic figure. For best results, choose Traffic Planet Hosting, it's cheap and affordable.
  3. Choose a clean, responsive theme that emphasizes social shares. Check out Performag for that.
  4. Start creating content by curating pictures, stories and ideas from platforms such as Reddit, consider using ahrefs to reverse engineer top content from viral sites too adding your own shareworthy headlines and captions.

More On This Tactic

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Sell Fiverr Gigs

You've probably heard of Fiverr - the platform where anyone can sell anything for $5. Internet marketers already know and love it for its marketing gigs, but it is also a great platform to make your first $100 online.

This is clearly not as sexy as receiving checks from Google because it involves working for others but Fiverr can be the start of a pretty decent service company as it helps you do the hardest thing for service businesses: find clients​

From social media marketing and logos to videos and songs, there is little that you can't sell on Fiverr, and along the way, reach your $100/day mark.


  • Easy to get started. Signing up takes just a minute and there is no need to handle payments or delivery.
  • Huge existing marketplace of hungry buyers.
  • You can increase earnings exponentially with Fiverr 'Gig Extras'


  • Need 25 gigs/day to get to the $100 mark or a lot of extras. Fiverr keeps $1 from each sale.
  • Service-focused business take time and are hard to scale up.
  • Some niches already over-saturated with competition.

Why it works

Fiverr is one of the most newbie friendly platforms to start a service-focused business. There are no setup costs, no complicated sign-up process, and no delay before you can start selling.

It's massive audience and trusted brand name means you can start making sales right from day one.

Fiverr is also location agnostic - that is, you can sell gigs from anywhere. If you're from outside the US/UK/Europe, or want to travel while you make money, this is for you.

If you're thinking "$5 is too low", you can always make extra money with each sale by offering 'Gig Extras' (over $100/sale) , which are not bound by the $5 limit.

This is a great way to upsell expensive services after hooking in buyers with your cheap $5 offer.​

Monetisation methods


Offering services in exchange for cash will be your primary source of earnings with Fiverr

What it takes to make $100/day on Fiverr

As per Fiverr's rules, all gigs must be priced at $5. From this, Fiverr keeps $1 as its fee. This means you get $4 for each gig you sell.

Simple math says that you will need to sell 25 gigs every day to reach the $100/day target.

This might sound like a lot, but remember that you can always earn even more through Gig Extras.

You can charge anything from $5 to $100+ for each extra. This testimonial video recorder, for example, offers to film with a green screen for $50. He also offers to advertise your video on his own YouTube channel for an extra $100.​

As you can imagine, these numbers can quickly add up. If you can upsell even $40 worth of gig extras, you will need to make just 12 sales/day to hit your target numbers.

That is totally possible when looking at the sales numbers of many gigs.​

How the business can scale

Outside of transitioning into products, there is only one guaranteed way to go from making $100/day in Fiverr gigs to a 6-7 figure business: upselling.

​If we were still in the agency game I'd certainly set fiverr gigs up not to make a profit but to build a client list.

I would then attach a URL of a free bonus lead magnet on my site while delivering the gig with an offer on the thank you page (think 1 click up-sale after you bought)​ and slowly try to transform these clients into multi hundred dollar recurring clients through email marketing and relationship building.

You could then scale your site up by investing the profit into content, ads etc.

Recommended Tools

None other than looking on Fiverr for Gigs ideas, this is a true bootstrap one.

First Steps To Get Started

  1. Browse Fiverr to get a feel for the competition in different categories. Brainstorm some gig ideas.
  2. Setup your account. Choose a catchy name that aligns with your business.
  3. Create your gigs. You can setup as many gigs as you want. The key to Fiverr success is to experiment aggressively with different gig types (they cost nothing to setup anyway).
  4. Create appropriate graphics to sell your gigs. Use a tool such as Canva to make this process easier. Also make sure to write an attractive description that focuses on the gig's benefits (and not just features).

More On This Tactic

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Teach on Udemy

Udemy is the (relatively) new kid on the block - an e-learning website that has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Today, it is one of the top 700 websites in the world with thousands courses from instructors all around the world.

Teaching on Udemy is a great way to reach the vaunted $100/day mark. The platform is massive and easy to use, and the students are more than happy to shell hundreds of dollars for each course. It also supports courses in virtually any category and for any skill level.

If you have a love for teaching and have knowledge to share, this would be the easiest - and the most enjoyable - way to $100/day.​


  • Relatively unsaturated market for video courses with lots of potential
  • Target market is not very price conscious; easy to sell courses for over $100
  • Udemy handles payment, delivery and also helps in marketing your courses


  • Need to have existing knowledge about a topic in order to teach it
  • Current course offerings are more tailored towards tech and marketing
  • Most courses focus on video; need to be comfortable before a camera

Why it works

Teaching e-courses on Udemy is one of the easiest ways to get started on your $100/day journey. Plus it has that passive income feel most people are after unlike Fiverr. Once you're up and running, sales happen and you don't need to manage clients other than answering questions.

You don't have to deal with setting up a website, sales page or worry about payment and delivery. Udemy will do everything for you, handling payment, delivery, and even helping you create your first course.

But that's not all - Udemy (which has raised a massive $113M so far​) aggressively markets itself across the internet. It regularly features top courses in its marketing, which means you get tons of expensive targeted paid traffic without spending out of your pocket (but they take a cut if they make a sale).

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