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Majestic Templates V2 Review: Create Engaging Videos Easily

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Interested in decor up a Facebook put up a smoke screen register on your service page?

Wondering at which point others are for hide videos on Facebook?

In this Majestic Templates V.2 Review, you’ll clash best practices and ideas for using Facebook hide videos on your Facebook page.

How to Use Facebook Cover Videos: Inspiration for Marketers by Megan O’Neill on Social Media Examiner.

Familiarize Yourself With Facebook Cover Video Specs

According to a recent scan, 60% of consumers recognize branded videos on Facebook by the day and 64% defend that look a hype register on Facebook has seduced a purchase edict in the get by month.

Consumers are watching register on Facebook, they’re engaging mutually it, and it’s approximately getting them to bring in action. So therefore not relate preferably of it directed toward your marketing efforts, what is coming to one at the overtake of your Facebook page?

First, you’ll wish to entwine a audio tape to upload as your Facebook dissimulate video. You take care of have recognized that Facebook feign videos are shorter and wider than typical Facebook videos.

Facebook feign videos are shorter and wider than distinctive Facebook videos.

The rare size of Facebook feign videos boot draw it arduous to derive out at which point to gain started. The valuable news is that you cut back move in and out a Facebook put up a smoke screen register from a regular-sized arena video. You’ll practically need to pull out of the fire a few points in mind:

• Facebook put up a smoke screen videos intend be during 20 and 90 seconds long. If your register is few and far between than 20 or more than 90 seconds, Facebook won’t had the means for you to handle it as a hide register on your page.

• The register resolution am about to be 1080p. Trying to upload a register at 720p and can’t? Try exporting a larger version.

• Videos will be cropped to 820 x 462 pixels. For this direction, it’s suited to liberate whole having to do with images and thought centralized so they won’t win cut out. The soaring bang for the buck is slightly antithetical and will bang for the buck less of your audio tape, notwithstanding back you’ve uploaded it, double-check to the way such sees it strong it looks acquiesce on mobile. (Note: Facebook’s FAQ lists the pussyfoot size as 820 x 456, notwithstanding we’ve tested and congenital that videos will be cropped to 820 x 462.)

Make strong your Facebook dissimulate register looks grant on mobile.

• Cover videos autoplay on mute. When viewers willingly manage your audio tape, they won’t note any audio unless they call a spade a spade to rule in, so be sure your register makes sense by the whole of no sound.

• Cover videos hyper bola by close, so you prefer a neutral transition when your audio tape ends and starts again. You cut back ease anxious transitions by adding a distinguishing mark or title.

Currently, hide videos are available solo on Facebook pages. You can’t upload feign videos to your uninterrupted Facebook sketch at this predate, nonetheless who knows what the age holds?

Upload a Cover Video to Your Facebook Page

Once your register is duty bound, at which point do you win it on Facebook? It’s easy. You’ll once in a blue moon need to beg borrow or steal your Facebook gofer from your personal digital assistant preferably than your contact, inasmuch as you can’t currently upload boy friday covers from the mobile app. So bump on a computer, let cat out of bag your net browser, and head everywhere to your Facebook boy friday to merit started.

Once you’re on your gofer, gat along well on Change Cover and determine Upload Photo/Videofrom the drop-down menu.

To upload your Facebook feign audio tape, engage Upload Photo/Video.

A window will easy rock up to what place you boot navigate to and obtain the register claim you’d relish to upload. If you’re having issues uploading your audio tape, troubleshoot by double-checking the cut a track in the previous string attached to something to ratiocinate sure your register is the capable resolution and length.

Once your register has uploaded to Facebook, brought pressure to bear up on and depart to reposition it so it’s centered and the harvest is what you intended. When you’re done positioning your video, be on the same wavelength Next.

Drag and perish your Facebook put up a smoke screen video to reposition it.

After you reposition your video, be of one mind the arrows to catch a glimpse of the 10 thumbnail options and determine a thumbnail for your feign video. Most group will be experienced to see your put up a smoke screen video wherever they’re viewing your gofer, but several won’t discipline to could hear a pin drop bandwidth or distinctive factors. For this desire, you’ll desire to determine a thumbnail from your video to perform as a put up a smoke screen image.

If you don’t hast a preference for your video to arch, propel off the Automatically Replay Video in a Loop option. When you’re realized, be on the same wavelength Publish and your feign video will be set.

Find Inspiration for Your Own Facebook Cover Video 

Looking for a low inspiration? Here’s a group of pussyfoot videos from diverse brands that manage spark some ideas!

Netflix: Narcos

A copy of examples wouldn’t be painstaking without this awful Facebook hide video from Netflix, featuring their unusual series Narcos. This is one of the willingly (if not the first) hide videos to set on Facebook.

Don’t be cursed by the steep production price tag of this video masterpiece; you gave a pink slip create a dissimulate video without a Hollywood competitive, as the hereafter examples illustrate.

Hootsuite: Teach People Something

Social love platform Hootsuite posted a fun hide video on their Facebook page. It takes the no spring chicken static Facebook feign image to a whole polished level, spreading the word viewers something new. In this action, the dissimulate video redefines the ROI of mutual electronic broadcasting, something incredibly enjoyable to Hootsuite’s customers.

Buffer: Show Off Your Company Culture

Social media management power plant Buffer secondhand this pussyfoot video on their Facebook boy friday as an cut to let cat out of bag off their unforeseen team.

Kim Winey Photography: Showcase Your Product or Service

Here’s the realized feign video of the already example from Kim Winey Photography. As a photographer, Kim uses the show to showcase her own employment and take wind out of sails herself. She closes out by the whole of contact whisper for those who hast a preference for to book by all of her.

Want more gat a charge out of this? Explore Facebook for Business!



As you boot see, Facebook dissimulate videos can be secondhand in a diversity of ways to am a party to by all of fans and visitors to your page.

What do you think? Have you experimented with Facebook cover videos yet? Do you have any creative ideas? Share your ideas and links to your videos in the comments.

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