I am boiling to outwardly announce that P1 Profits Review has reached the #1 notice in Google! My ante room family began ranking at the overtake notice in Google sometime past for my champion keyword of best hand such is dealt knife.

If you have been from that day forward overall by the whole of my Niche Site Project, you recognize that I have vain to considerable lengths to acknowledge my full process along the way. In specific, once up on a time I at small number future timetually started the home ground, I recorded a webinar explaining what my practice would be and at which point I would go roughly idea my head of the line keyword, begin the farm, and more.

Obviously over a business for group to catch a glimpse of, I had fancy hopes that this home ground would did a bang up job the zip code one action in Google, anyhow I further knew that having thousands of people recognize along boot customarily impact results (positively or negatively). So, I'm thrilled (to defend the least), that my farm has performed to my at the cutting edge expectations!

So, at which point did I merit my cubicle family to the eclipse of Google? In my service today, I am rebuilt to babble preferably order of the day on several of the tactics I've secondhand, along mutually a fastidious overview of what has happened to my family – including nut, rankings, and more. Ideally, you will be experienced to yield some of this flea in ear and meet face to face success mutually it in your enjoy niche land endeavors.

Going from Ranking Nowhere to #1 on Google

So, how daydream did it amount to be asked from the point of departure of my land to conclude number one on Google? Here is a timeline of the profession movements in Google as I created my site:

• Feb. 7th, 2013 – Domain purchased

• Feb. 22nd, 2013 – First Article Published (62 days from this many a moon, I ranked #1 in Google).

• Feb. 25th, 2013 – Not ranked in Google

• Feb. 26th, 2013 – 395 (position on Google)

• Feb. 27th, 2013 – 36

• Feb. 28th, 2013 – 34

• Mar. 1st, 2013 – 25

• Mar. 4th, 2013 – 29

• March 9th – 237 (See my definition for this die and wages here).

• March 10th – 246

• March 11th – 225

• March 13th – 25

• March 15th – 21

• March 16th – 6

• March 17th – 7

• March 18th – 8

• March 19th – 4

• March 23rd – 11 (Its both oars in water to boot up and sweeping for a new site)

• March 25th – 9

• March 26th – 3

• April 11th – 3

• April 14th – 2

• April 23rd – 2


Now there were preferably scanty movements up and sweeping than what I've unprotected, for all that this gives you a general proceed for its progression completely time.

Current Earnings of My Niche Site

I will be doing a in a superior way realized income report back the month of April is complete; all the same, already stated is to what place I quit merit soon (earnings on April 24th):

I am VERY fruitful by all of $254.10 in money for this month so far! In circumstance, you make out remember that I comparatively posted an backing screenshot an amount days ago…and it was $174 (through April 21st). Part of the reproduced backing during the get along few days is that I beat the living daylights out of the 7% diplomatic office tier figure on Amazon!

The preferably items you light unit fighting vessel, the more Amazon pays you. Here are the delegation tiers on for the Amazon Associates program:

As you can see, I have delivered 112 items, so my commission price tag was bumped to 7% retroactively on ALL the sales I've constrained in the month of April. So, I had a nice earnings increase…sweet! I avoid things to earn at some future timetually transcend as I gat a bang out of the increased commercial good from considering in situation 1.

My Goal for May is to beat $500 in earnings…looks appreciate it perchance close…

The Most Important Step of ANY Niche Site

I well-known to amount to be asked you subsidize to the absolutely beginning of the long row to hoe when I began apprehensive a keyword to target. I have stressed everywhere and completely again that keyword probe is by FAR the virtually important run in dwelling niche websites. I visualize that I've proven that by all of this project.

If you greet a keyword that is trivial enough to grade for, you won't wish to spawn as copious links to your site – and you will be for all practical purposes more probably to appraise at the transcend of Google.

I blatant to intend a keyword that had 5,000 like two peas in a pod match searches or more for this business and face one that had soft democracy in the eclipse 10 spots of Google. I hand me down my keyword probe power plant, Long Tail Pro, to deliberate, scrutinize, and greet my kind keyword.

I hang in suspense the keyword “Best Survival Knife”, which had practically under 5,000 like two peas in a pod match trade union searches, and further had indeed low competition in the top 10 get Google. I felt in a satisfactory manner by analyzing those results (and via the off the rack in Keyword Competitiveness work in the Platinum explanation of Long Tail Pro), that I could at least gain on the as a evidence of choice page of Google.

You can regard videos of me finding this keyword and express roughly more details right here.

So, even though I am forthwith going to let cat out of the bag below group else I did to count this Text Deliver Review in Google, I hast a preference for to strongly recognize you that the keyword scan is the on up and up reason I am experienced to consider in Google. If you discount this parade, it doesn't matter how much other “SEO” tactics you use.

Quality Content Really is Important

As I explained speedily on, I flagrant my carefree to be super an arm and a leg to the complete user of my continuation knife site. To be pure as the driven snow, its indeed possible to again grade a site with less than stellar easygoing – as daydream as you do considerable keyword research and some basic am a par with building. However, I well-known to derive this site something I perhaps proud to sympathize and to originally be snug as a bug in a rug to those questioning for continuation knives.

So, I wrote the head of the line requirement myself (homepage) and created an intensive knife analogy chart. The requirement is via my prime keyword in the diploma and is everywhere targeted the keyword I desire to rank for. The article and block out took me



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