Looking for an Ecover creator? On a really tight budget? If that’s the case the first place you should take a look is a great free online tool called Canva.

Founded in 2012 with the BETA product launched in 2013, Canva is now a huge online platform with over 10 million people having the used the platform as an ecover creator and for various other reasons, their company slogan reads “Amazingly simple graphic design software”

I would always suggest using a professional designer when it comes to creating an ebook cover but I also fully appreciate the fact that some people are on a really tight budget so literally might not have a choice in the matter, so, that means that you might need to go solo and create your own ecover.

For people who are on a tight budget but have a bit of cash to spare I would suggest using a designer on Fiverr (yes, there are some great designers on there) which would set you back $5 and upwards but if you are not able to stretch to that then you will need to find your own ecover creator software and that is where Canva comes to the rescue.

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Why Use An Ecover Creator?

When you have finished writing your ebook you will need off course to add a cover to your finished work, yes, Amazon do offer some free templates for you to use but every man and their dog has pretty much used up all the free offerings that Amazon has to offer so you then need to be as original as possible and create a killer design in your mind’s eye, something original that you can call your own…and be proud off.

We all know the old saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover”….but we all do, a great cover design will help you sell more ebooks on Amazon.

Canva fills the void here brilliantly! Canva offers you a huge choice of free templates to choose from, with tonnes of colours and logos etc to add as you wish. Create the ecover design that you wish for your ebook within no time at all.

Other Reasons You Might Need To Use An Ecover Creator

There are several other reasons that you need might need to use an ecover creator aside from using the software to create a cover for your ebook:


Canva lets you easily create templates for all the above scenarios easily and effectively, even if you have no previous design experience, all of the features available are super easy to use.

Canva Is An Easy To Use Ecover Creator

To use Canva as your ecover creator you just need to sign up to create your free account, you can even sign in with your Facebook or Google accont details to make things easier.

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So, what can you use Canva for? Well, you can create content based designs for :

  • Ebook Covers
  • Socal Media Images
  • Documents
  • Blogging Images
  • Ads
  • Email Headers
  • Marketing Materials
  • Banners
  • Presentations
  • Posters
  • Invatations
  • Inforgraphics

If you then looking to create a book cover, simply click on “Book Cover” where a new box will pop up with more options for you to choose from.

Then choose a cover that best suits your book / genre / niche and get to work with your design.


Canva is super easy to use, its features are very straight forward and you can have your ebook cover created in no time at all. The following features make Canva a breeze to work with:


It does just that! Simply drag an image, icon or photo from the left hand side of the page and drop it in your image that you are busy creating. Drag and drop, simple! Not coding etc required or hard to understand functions, just a simple click with the mouse pad, drag across the screen and drop it on your image. Done.


Canva has loads of fonts for you to choose from you so you can create the ideal cover to best suit the theme / genre of your ebook, for example, you might have a horror ebook that you have written and the fonts available allow you to have text that goes well with the image and theme of your book.


You can upload your own image to use on Canva, e.g a photo that may have taken, or you can choose from the free and paid for images that are on offer to you on the Canva website. The choice is yours.


Canva has a share option that enables you to email your design to a friend or colleague to check on if you are working on joint design effort.

When you are finished with your design simply hit the download button to save to your PC or tablet:

This video on YouTube shows you how to create an image in under 5 minutes using Canva as your choice of ecover creator:


Not only is Canva a super ecover creator and easy to use but the best part of this software is that it is FREE to sign up to and use!

Some of the images on the site are paid for / premium but you still have the choice of lots of free images to choose from and use, so you can design your ecover for a cost of literally zero pounds or dollars.


I would thoroughly recommend YouTube Ad Secrets Review if you are on a really tight budget, your cost will be zero! So that is a pretty competitive option. It’s actually a really fun piece of software to use and you will easily master the design process in no time at all, the people who have created Canva have a done a great job and I can only see it growing and becoming even more useful over the next few years when they add even more useful features and options for you to choose from.

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