Video marketing has a lot of gray areas. Everyone knows it's a powerful addition to any marketing strategy, but there are varying opinions on what works and what's a waste of marketing dollars. Over the years, marketers have honed in on several standout ways companies can utilize and bring in new business with awesome video.

In this Smart Video Metrics Review, we focus on three of the strongest methods businesses are using to implement video and get the best return on their video investment.

Take Production In-House

If your business is just getting started with video marketing and you're busy shopping around for video production services, tech and hosting that fits your budget, you're going to learn, very quickly, that video doesn't come cheap. You could easily spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on simple blog videos and social media promos.

In most cases, the more you spend on production, the better your end product will be. Killer video is your ROI. However, businesses don't need 8K RED cameras (you know, the one's with a $49,500 price tag) to produce valuable video content. If budget is truly a concern, you can get by creating awesome, lead generating video content with nothing but your smartphone.

If you've got a DSLR camera sitting around, or just want to begin shooting business videos with your smartphone camera, there are a few gadgets, lighting options and audio tech we strongly suggest picking up:

  • A directional microphone for great on-the-fly and field audio, such as the RØDE VideoMic
  • A 3-point lighting kit—even those advertised as photography kits work well for small business video projects

For more on moving your business's video production in-house, check out our blog Video DIY: Create a Business Video Studio for Less Than $1,000.

Use Video in Lead Nurturing and Sales

Throughout the years, we've used video content at virtually all stages in the buyer's journey. Whether we're using video during initial contact or at the end of a sales cycle, it has always proven to be an extremely powerful tool for engaging with marketing qualified audiences. We believe that aligning videos with specific stages in the sales process can be key in connecting with prospects and, ultimately, closing more deals.

With custom sales videos, Bluleadz has seen a 36.9% increase in overall close rates since 2015—due largely to prospecting videos, video voicemails and inclusion of video in our major marketing campaigns. Video content is a gateway for personalization and branding, and we don't need to tell you the value that brings to the sales table.

Landing/pricing page videos and email video campaigns provide unique growth opportunities for businesses, beyond what's possible with sales videos. For example, we feature many videos on our resource thank you pages that offer quick, appropriate next-steps for that stage in the buyer's journey. In this case, we're not just using video content for branding and building rapport, but also for measurable lead conversion.

"Video should be used on your landing pages whenever possible. It provides a passive engagement medium where visitors can experience your message with very little effort... Video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%."

Unbounce via Eyeview Digital

Add Potential to Existing Content

This Wicked Emails Review is the big one. You can produce awesome marketing videos, sales videos and video marketing assets, but if people aren't watching, your results will always fall flat. What's the best way to generate organic video plays and CTA click-throughs?

One great video marketing technique we've implemented, that is actually very simple, is creating videos for your 5-10 most organically-viewed blog posts. These posts are great sources of consistent and high quality traffic, and those extra conversion elements (video turnstile forms, CTAs and annotation links) can go a long way in generating new leads.

We'd even argue that businesses new to video marketing should tackle these projects before creating brand new video blog content. We've seen a huge spike in organic plays and CTA clicks doing exactly that, and now recommend all businesses that utilize video do the same.

Making an animated marketing video constitutes an investment - it involves money, time and energy. And whenever you make an investment, you’re consciously hoping that the reward ends up being higher than what you initially put in.

The good news is that you can improve your business with an animated marketing video, so let us share with you this series of tips on how you can pull that off!

Here’s one of our best explainer videos so you can get a glimpse of what we’re talking about:

 1. Get Straight To The Point!

When people consume material online, they want to do it in the fastest and easiest way possible, so you need to show them in just a few seconds that you understand their problem and that your company represents the best choice for their solution.

An explainer video manages to tell your story in a very concise, quick and entertaining way. Besides, when it comes to learning about something new on the web, people just prefer seeing it than reading it.

Here’s an animated marketing video that explains the service, highlights the brand's features and tells a fun short story in just 30 seconds:

2. Show Them What You Have!

If people don’t know about your product or service, they will simply not buy it, so you need to put it out there so it can be seen. Visibility, at least in online terms, is a measure of how easily people can find your video in popular search engines like Google and YouTube.

Google rewards websites by the amount of time people spend on them. Having an animated video in your website guarantees that your average visit time increases from 8 seconds to 2 minutes. In the end, your website will enjoy a great ranking on Google and people will then find it easily as it will be more visible.
An amazing animated video will also gain notoriety on YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. This way, your video will act as an independent marketing tool - your customers won’t even need to visit your site to find out about your product!

Download our free eBook to get expert advice on how to rank high on YouTube's results pages.

3. Visible Becomes Buyable

Putting your product out there through an animated video will make people aware of what your company has to offer. This will increase the size of your audience and subsequently the probability of turning those visitors into customers.

It’s been proven that, on average, animated explainer videos can grow conversions by 20%! If you were initially and understandably concerned about getting a good return on your investment, then this number will surely calm you down, since it’s very telling of the power animated videos have to persuade people who watch your animated video into buying what you have to sell.

Here’s another cool example, selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos of 2015:

 4. When Publicity Gets Social 

Promotion is highly effective through social media because of the many channels it provides to getting your message across. And since video is the most shareable content on the web, this means that if people like what they’re watching, they will share it.

The promotion burden then shifts to your audience. By posting your video on their blogs, tweeting about it or sharing it on their Facebook wall, they’re the ones who’ll be promoting your product for you -and for free!

As a result, your online presence will get bigger, your video will go viral and more people will learn about your company -a total win-win situation!

5. Brand Awareness

In times like these where competition is not only abundant but brutal, you need to establish a deep connection with your audience -you need to make it personal. This sort of link can only be possible if you make your audience aware of your brand, so you need to show them something that they can relate to.

You need to make a custom video that shows your audience a group of characters that represent them and a group of colors associated to your brand.

Look at these cool characters especially made to suit a 20-to-30 rock fan target audience, for example:

When you show a video to your audience, you’re basically making them store information they can later recall. You can make effective use of that condition by making the colors of your brand present throughout the video. This way, they can later associate what they saw with your brand, and you’ll make them more aware of it -a prerequisite for making an actual purchase.

Watch this fun custom marketing video and take a closer look at its branding elements (colors, backgrounds, and especially the foreshown characters):

Just bear in mind that the more customized your message is, the deeper your connection with your audience will be!

This is how you can improve your business ROI with the help of an animated marketing video. If you invest in making a great animated video and make sure people watch it, the return on your investment will be so much higher than what you put in, indeed!

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