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Text Deliver 2.0 Review: Huge discount and special bonus

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With over 1.2 billion mobile phones among urban and rural locations, marketing leaders simply can't ignore mobile text messaging (SMS) as a marketing strategy. According to Text Deliver 2.0 Review, "95% of all mobile users (both smartphone and non-smartphone users) have been connected to brands that are using SMS marketing to reach their customers."

When done correctly, SMS marketing is an effective alternative to traditional modes of business communication, as well as newer models such as smartphone apps.

Companies are aggressively and cost-effectively using SMS marketing to generate more leads, traffic, and new customers. On average, 44% of Americans have opted into a text message campaign, according to Tatango.

The Power of SMS Marketing

The following mobile marketing examples exemplify the power of using SMS marketing to build and grow business.

Orbitz. As a part of an SMS marketing campaign recently launched by Orbitz, customers were introduced toOrbitzTLC Alerts through a radio source. OrbitzTLC Alerts engage Orbitz customers by providing travel information including real-time updates, and reinforcing branding.

As an incentive to sign-up, the customers were offered a discount on an Orbitz travel package as well as the option of subscribing to additional messages from OrbitzTLC. Within two weeks, Orbitz received response rates exceeding expectations.

The company ultimately found, based on the number of requests for the initial promo code as well as opt-ins for future messaging, that even one-time promotions can generate long-term customer engagement

JCPenney. Last spring, JCPenney used a time-sensitive SMS marketing campaign for a one-day, in-store event. By doing so, they were able to effectively reach their opted-in customers and drive sales.

The message (seen below) promoted Easter dresses as well as included a link that allowed users to shop for Easter clothing through the company's mobile site. JCPenney's one-day event was time-sensitive, so SMS was a great way for them to get the word out quickly.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Easy to Work With. SMS marketing is simpler and less expensive than the same web-based marketing content. Businesses are able to easily track user response to SMS marketing and make changes to the advertising campaign, as and when necessary. Despite the increase in mobile applications, SMS remains one of the simplest and most effective methods of mobile marketing.
  • SMS Is Unobtrusive. Even though the recipient receives the message immediately after it's been sent, they don't have to read or respond to the message immediately. They can read it on their time; initial dialogue has been developed between the recipient and the business without being demanding.
  • Easy to Share. While it's not always easy or possible to share content from a mobile app, SMS messages can be easily forwarded. If SMS marketing recipients share the message with friends and family, then companies gain further exposure without any extra time or effort.
  • SMS Delivers a Target Audience. Since recipients have to opt-in, businesses already know that their audience wants to hear from them. Information from the opt-in form can be used to learn more about the recipients and target the messages accordingly. From there, the businesses can use this information to engage mobile users and encourage them to continue to opt-in to receive messages on their mobile phones.
  • SMS Plays Well With Others. SMS marketing is an easy extension of branding and marketing already in progress. It can complement a company's existing messaging channels, including print and direct mail, email, radio, and web. Combined with conventional media, SMS marketing has become the most effective tool for companies to issue promotions, contests, and marketing incentives while increasing customer loyalty.

Businesses know that marketing is a crucial part of survival in an ever-changing market. Therefore, SMS marketing utilizes the one thing that people are guaranteed to have access to no matter where they are or what time it is: their cell phone. Even though it's arguable that SMS marketing is one of the best strategies out there helping marketers reach and interact with their consumers on a deeper level, next week we'll examine the disadvantages of SMS marketing.

Has your business effectively used SMS marketing? Will we still think this channel is worth it after learning about the disadvantages?


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