Would you like to do more with your Facebook cover image?

Wanting to know how other companies are using Facebook cover images?

Your cover image is the perfect space in order to tourists more about your brand or products or drive home a proactive approach.

With this UpEngage Review, you will discover 12 creative ways to use your Facebook cover image for business.

#1: Inspire a Purchase

You notice a great deal about using video tutorial showing how people use something or service. The exact same opportunities can be found with photos. While you showcase your product in your Facebook cover image, you're planting ideas with your visitors that can encourage them to activate with you.

With this cover image, Edible Agreements sets its product forward and centre with a "Happy Birthday" meaning in the backdrop. It's subtle, nevertheless, you can use this plan to color your product in a manner that says, "this is something special." From the clever way to put the colorful screen, because everybody knows someone with a birthday approaching.

As the product is prominent and middle, a Happy Birthday advice is also present.

#2: Talk about Your Value Proposition

Could you determine your business in one second? One of the better and simplest ways to add spice to your Facebook cover photography is to concern you to ultimately find creative ways to one-line your value proposition and present right to people who find your brand on Facebook.

That's just what EYStudios do with a recently available cover image: a well-defined and impactful one-liner that expresses who they are and what they can do.

Can you express your business in a single second?

Lee Odden's team at TopRank Marketing shoots for the same impact.

Brief. Inspiring. Descriptive.

#3: Exhibit Your Personality

Almost any aesthetic content is an enormous part of marketing, and it's really among the finest avenues showing off who you are and the personality behind your business. Your cover photography is a superb spot to display content that aligns with the way you present your brand in other areas online.

MailChimp uses its cover photography showing off the business's personality, along with some ingenious use of negative space to repair your attention.

Put some brand personality in your Facebook cover photography.

#4: Charm to the Senses

Any business in the meals industry (restaurants, wedding caterers, etc.) has a stellar possibility to get attention using tempting images with their mouth-watering offerings. With seasonal changes that produce new meals and menu posts, you can swap out Facebook cover photographs to showcase what's new on the menu, along with new special offers.

It could be effective to truly have a proactive approach to help summarize something and get tourists moving. However, sometimes it generally does not hurt to allow product image speak for itself. Little Caesars needs that way by revealing a close-up of the new stuffed crust deep-dish pizza.

Sometimes you need to allow product speak for itself.

Inside the Super Affiliate Class Review, Papa John's showcases its product to focus on people who love the appearance of your mouth-watering pizza. Furthermore, they preserved space to market a key marriage with Major Group Baseball.

Even a tiny icon helps position Papa John's in a good light with the MLB audience.

When customers love a particular thing about your business, especially a certain product, you can leverage that interconnection in your Facebook cover photography.

Olive Garden is comfortable that their customers are dependent on countless breadsticks and large salads. So, customer favorites are highlighted in a zoomed-in shot, making you are feeling like you're sitting down right at the desk. It's cruel, but effective.

Are you starving yet?

#5: Talk with a distinct segment Audience

For product-based businesses, the Facebook cover photography is a perfect way to feature new or seasonal products, together with your most recent and grandest deals. To increase impact, include powerful duplicate and information about the merchandise along with release times and cell phone calls to action.

Logitech G, a corporation known for computer accessories, used their cover image to promote a particular type of products. They've outlined an affiliation with the ESL (Electronic Athletics League) to market products for gamers.

Logitech is using an affiliation to showcase products to a particular audience.

Just like the Papa John's cover, this type of affiliation can improve a business's position with specific customers.

#6: Inspire Creativity

Your Facebook cover photography doesn't will have to be always a place for explicit ad and advertising. Sometimes the best note and the best results stem from enabling creative imagination take over.

Have a cue from Playthings "R" Us, whose cover image is an innovative play on the thoughts of both kids and men and women. Fun can be acquired even with the easiest of things.

Let creativeness dominate.

#7: Promote a Hashtag

Hashtags are powerful. Several businesses experienced great success with checking the discussions of lovers and monitoring the reach of varied marketing promotions and launches.

Give your hashtags a visible space inside your Facebook cover photography to market a plan and spur proposal. That's what Calvin Klein and Monster Energy did.

Hashtags in cover photographs can kickstart proposal.

Do that with each of your promotions and it can help educate your audience to get started on enjoying that space for new special offers.

Cover image hashtags help teach your audience to view for new deals.

#8: Feature Your Fans

To celebrate a century running a business, Oreo uploaded a fresh Facebook cover image every day having fans who have been celebrating a birthday.

Customers love being truly a part of any brand's story.

In the event that you make fans an integral part of your cover picture, it can help them feel respected, show authenticity, and humanize your enterprise. Combine their activity, their smiles, or even images of these making use of your product to inform your brand history.



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